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Green Valley Country Club is a private, family oriented country club with a Championship golf course committed to providing exceptional food and service, outstanding recreational facilities and entertaining social events in a family friendly atmosphere.

Club History


In the Spring of 1949, a group of families gathered to explore the possibility of a family club. Among them were the O'Donnel's, Willcocks', Mullen's, Petrich's, Chappel's, Coons', Herbert's, Reimers', Kingsbury's, Paul O'Hara's, Kenney's, Wichel's, and "one or two" other families.

These adventuresome families purchased the 500 acre F. Sydney Jones ranch, then the world's largest cherry orchard and on March 6, 1950 the first General Membership meeting was held. The summer months of 1950 found the cherry orchard being transformed into a "family playground" that brought hundreds out every weekend.

The first budget included a cost estimate of $110,000 for the golf course! Irwin Reimers took on the task of clearing cherry orchards, leveling land and preparing the property for the residential lots and for the golf course. "It was some months before it became noticed that the original plan for a 9 hole golf course was being abandoned in favor of an 18 hole course." Thank you Mr. Reimers for your bold foresight!

Our Club's family roots began on day one. Mrs. Witchel was asked to form a "Women's Division", the basis of today's very active women's groups. Families formed committees to handle everything from saddling the horses to developing the "Little Red Theatre," which now the site of our tennis courts. The pool, the bath house and the modernization of the Mansion began.

Today, not much has changed. We've added on to the buildings, renovated here and there; but the family foundation that made this a great Club still exists. Members still jump in to help. Families still come here to enjoy their leisure time. And most importantly, weekends are still filled with good friends in a beautiful mansion enjoying snazzy tunes and a drink or two.

Area History

Originally the area was home to the Plains Patwin Indians of the Wintun tribe of Central California. This area was home to grizzly bear, deer, Wapiti elk, possum and, in the Spring, the creek was filled with trout and steelhead.

In 1841, across today's golf course, ran the original "Firemen Trail" between Sutter's Fort and Solano Mission in Sonoma. 2,200 head of horses, cattle and sheep kicked up dust, en route from Fort Ross to Sutter's Fort. On June 14th, 1846, Granville Perry Swift, helped raise the flag in the Bear Flag Revolt. Swift's sister married into the Jones family, the original owners of what is today's Club. In 1864, Mr. Swift took up residence in the Mansion.

It was early in the 1850's when the first settlers arrived in the Valley. The Gold Rush was on! The area became an agricultural center with crops being transported from Cordelia to San Francisco by boat. From Cordelia, the slough was navigable to Suisun Bay which led to San Francisco.

In 1858, grapes were first introduced to the region by the John Votypka and the Shultz family. The Jones quickly added their own vineyard.

The Mansion
Imagine "Country Club Drive" was once a private drive leading up to the circular drive which was lined with palm trees and beautiful gardens. The grand centerpiece of this stunning property was the stone Mansion. The 7,000 square foot beauty with six bedrooms, five baths, six fireplaces and spacious stone porches sat amongst a 500 acre cherry orchard. At one point, the Jones' even added an elevator! The rear of the Mansion housed a large bbq pavilion and stone fireplace.

It was in 1860, when Jones added grapes to the property. He also built a wine and brandy cellar with a 50,000 gallon capacity. The cherry packing shed sat at the site of today's tennis courts.

Four generations of F. Sydney Jones' called GVCC's beautiful Mansion their home.

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