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Golf Course Tour

Overall, this short, but narrow, tree-lined classic course with small, tricky, fast greens is enjoyable day in and day out.  Approaches from the well-conditioned fairways to the green should be played just short of the holes to ensure uphill putts.  It’s a pleasure to play everyday or once in a while

Men’s Black:
Men’s Blue:   
Men’s White:
Men’s Yellow:      
Women’s Blue:    
Women’s White:       
Women’s Yellow: 
Rating 71.5 – Slope 132
Rating 70.2 – Slope 130
Rating 68.7 – Slope 125
Rating 65.6 – Slope 118
Rating 76.1 – Slope 138
Rating 73.9 – Slope 133
Rating 70.0 – Slope 123